I started this in January. I’d say about 80% done.

Wide 1
Wide 3


Lost in Translation (Bits and Pieces)

Hi everyone! So because this painting has had such a unique process and I want viewers to really dive into it, I’ll be posting small snippets of the piece for you to take a closer look at. This is the bottom left corner in which many things are happening. Without forcing the viewer to view the painting in a certain light, I will refrain from initially describing what I, as the artist, envisioned. 

I do want to add that this particular corner can be view by looking from three different distances and by focusing in on the white OR the black. Let me know what you spot and how this makes you feel. Feel free to comment

Acrylic on wood


Not sure if it’s done. I don’t know a whole lot. it feels —almost finished. Whatever that means.

The shake doesn’t help.

I’ve tested it out

So I’ve shown my friends my painting, and few, if any, were able to see what I had envisioned. The painting is super abstract; Lost in Translation is literally the epitome of my mind lol, it makes no sense. The whole painting from a distance (~12 in) is a mess of different eyes, and other unfamiliar shapes. There’s a lot going on, but every detail was thought out carefully and to me, most stoked within the painting tell a story. It’s very, very different the closer you get.

The canvas can be rotated; from my perspective I’ve included images working in the new direction. Not sure what other people see.

I have difficultly trying to not direct people “how to view it” because I want to make sure they notice the tiny details. With this painting in particular, the details are the most important part.

I follow what my mind sees when I paint, almost like I’m tracing an image reflected from my mind onto my blank canvas. This tracing feeling became much more familiar as the painting progressed (~3 months) and started to recognize it.

Basically, just don’t be too quick. Take a second to really look, breathe it in and enjoy the sporadic and confusing energy.